Apr 4, 2016

The heart behind what I do

I am passionate about marriage.

I absolutely love weddings. Its exciting to meet new couples who are so in love and ready to start the next chapter of their lives committed to each other. I love hearing the stories that make each couple and love story unique. There are so many couples in this world but yet no two love stories are the same. I love the initial meetings with each couple where they are all giddy and excited to tell me about how they met, the proposal and all their plans to create a beautiful and unique wedding.

I photograph weddings because I truly believe in love and the commitment of marriage. I believe marriage is one of the greatest adventures we can have in life because its falling in love with each other over and over again. Its choosing to love the same person forever. You get to walk through life knowing you always have someone there to back you up, hug you, love you unconditionally, lean on, wake up and go to bed with, cry with, share in lifes greatest joys with, a loyal travel companion, share in the same goals and push each other to follow your crazy dreams.
I find joy in providing you with memories from the first day you start your married lives together. My hope is that when you look back on your wedding photos you will be even more in love than you were when you first got married. Life will bring lots joys and there will be hardships but I hope that you will lean on each other and love each other more through all situations.


I am passionate about new families.
I love hearing my couples share the news that they are pregnant. It becomes so personal to see them through all these stages of life. When I get asked to photograph their newborns and growing family its like I get to photograph all these puzzle pieces of their lives and give them these beautiful memories that they will cherish for years to come.
Photographing newborns has become extra special to me and I take pride in it more so now than ever before. My husband and I have struggled with infertility for 3 years. It has been a very difficult road but yet one I would not change. It has taught me so much about who I am and helped us lean on each other and grow stronger in our faith with the Lord. We were thrilled to welcome our sweet baby girl in March! His timing is always best.
I am so honoured to be asked to photograph newborns because I know how special that is. I know how important this next stage is as you bring home your first baby. You are now a family of three! You have this beautiful baby who needs you for everything. My hope is that I would be able to photograph your new family in the most genuine and loving way possible so that you can remember just how special your baby is and they will know they are forever loved.
Its an honour to be asked to photograph real life love stories. I am so proud to be a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I believe every couple deserves beautiful wedding photos and that every family should document their story. I hope that you will be able to see more than just some pretty photos. But that you would feel the love and connection as you view the images. This is my passion. I would love to photograph your story.
The foundation of what I do is based on the greatest moments I have had in life like marrying my best friend and yet some of the difficulties life brings. But I work hard at choosing Joy in all circumstances and they have brought me to where I am today; passionate about strong marriages and new families.

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