Mar 7, 2018

Olivia turns 2! The year in review.

Today my sweet Olivia turns two!! Where has the time gone? I just want it to slow down so I can keep on enjoying her so young. So much change happens from 1 to age 2. I have never been a good writer so I never knew how or what to keep track of for her through all the different changes and stages she goes through. I figured I would stick to what I loved and that is photographing her life through all the milestones. Some may call it obsessive with how many photos I have taken but to me (and hopefully one day to her) these photos are my most important possession. I hope that one day she will look back and understand exactly what her life was like as a young girl and see how much we love her. These photos are my heart and my gift to her. Since she turns two today I thought it would be a perfect time to share a little glimpse into her life through photos. I hope you enjoy 🙂

One of her favourite moves.

When she was 13 months we went to Outer banks North Carolina!

Her Crocs are her favourite shoes to wear!

The first time she let me put a pony in her hair!!!

Bathing at the cottage was a huge success!

She loves Roxy!

We played drive through in this play house soooo much last summer.

She is always looking out for her dog and bringing her treats. And went through a little stage of trying them herself!!

Loved the beach at the cottage with my mom!

We went through multiple outfits a day because that hose always had to be sprayed.

Her bottle goes with her everywhere.

Ponytails were starting to happen on a regular basis!!!

Always jumping around and rough housing together.

She LOVED taking Roxy for walks. She would not let us touch the leash on a walk. It made for some scary incidents when Roxy saw a bunny or something before us. If Roxy ever knocked her down she still wouldn’t let go! She would get right back up and keep going.

When she was 18 months we went to Lake Placid, NY for a week of hiking and family time.

Marshmellows are the best!!

She loves to ask Brian to come and put his feet in the bath!! She adores her Daddy 🙂

Every night before bed she asks to do `jumpy`. She loves to jump and hide under the blankets.

She loves to be tickled!!

She has not been a very good eater but she loves oatmeal!

Grandma lives two doors down so she always wants to walk over.

Lots of Christmas gifts came by mail this year. Olivia loved playing mailman with the packages.

She walked around with this camera ornament taking pictures and saying ‘Cheese’.

Looking for Roxy.

The basement got pretty cold over the winter so the slide came upstairs. Best decision ever!

She always begs to go shovel.

Her first trip on a plane and to Key Largo, Florida!

My cute beach bum!!!




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