Jul 2, 2019

Hamilton Maternity & Family Photographer | Dundurn Castle | Melfi Family

I love reading about how moms do life with their kids on a daily basis. So I thought it would be fun to change up some of my blog posts by asking moms questions to get a peek into their lives since becoming moms. Today’s maternity session was at the beautiful Dundurn Castle in Hamilton with the very sweet Melfi family. Read on below to hear more about their life 🙂

How has life changed for you since becoming a mom?
I think the biggest change is that you no longer get to be the priority. Being a mom definitely teaches you what it means to be selfless. In ways you can still do things for yourself but on the daily grind the needs of your child come first. You could be in the middle of something important but as soon as your toddler needs to use the washroom you have to immediately stop what you are doing and help them! haha

What do love most about being a mom?
Hands down watching my child. I think she is the most wonderful little human and I just love watching her mind at work, the cute things she does, the endless hugs and kisses (the list could go on!!!) She honestly just makes my heart melt whenever I look at her and just sit and watch her.

What do you hope for your children’s life?
I think one of the main things I hope for in Brynn’s life is that she feels confident and independent in who she is. That she wouldn’t feel like she needed to change who she is to “fit in” but be secure in herself and in Jesus.

Do you have favourite books you like to read?
I feel like this continues to change but currently we are really into “Green Eggs and Ham” By Dr. Suess. 🙂

How do you do self care now since becoming a mom? I still continue to do things for myself like occasionally getting my nails done, or taking a bubble bath but most importantly I still take time for seeing my friends which I think is super important and helpful!!

What advice would you share to a first time mom? The biggest piece of advice I can give you would be to explain expectations with your spouse/partner before baby comes into the world! My husband and I spoke extensively about the roles we would play and how I wanted parenting to be a partnership. I think it’s truly made a difference for us to communicate and be on the same page. I also visualize a LOT! Before this next baby comes I often think throughout the day the changes that are coming. Whether it’s picturing a sleeping babe beside our bed, or grocery shopping with two kids instead of one – I think it’s helpful to really start visualizing the changes that are about to come. 

How would you describe your style? and your kids? What are your favourite stores for both you and your kids? We definitely love neutrals in our wardrobe! I love flowy pieces that are whimsical and would say that we also try and dress Brynn in neutrals with a touch of blush pink or blue. We love Zara and Gap kids for B’s wardrobe and would say my fave stores are Aritzia, Zara and H&M.

How do you balance motherhood, work and relationships? I don’t think I have an answer for this one but the best way to describe it is that there are seasons. Some seasons I am killing it in the motherhood department but then lacking in the work department. I think there are just seasons and ebs and flows and all you can do is your best! 

Do you have any traditions you love to do with your kids? hmmm, we don’t have any set traditions currently but we do go to Church together every Sunday and we love to go to Paris to get a treat from the bakery on occasion.

Favourite place you ever took your kids? I would say the cottage but probably because it’s nostalgic for me and hopefully one day for her also! 

What is the one thing every new mom needs to have? A community of other Moms! 😉

What is your proudest Motherhood moment? I honestly think just when your child tells you that they love you, or that “you’re the best”, or tell you that they are having so much fun. Or when you see your kid do the right thing, It just makes you feel like all that hard work has paid off and that you have done something right.

What does a typical day look like for you? Our days vary for sure! Most times we have a playdate for the first half of the day followed by some quiet time (I’m not going to lie, the tv is definitely a part of our day) but for the most part I try to mix it up and have a balance!

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    These are simply stunning!! Love them all Karina ♥️

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    July 2nd, 2019 at 8:12 pm

    Thank you so much Megan!!!


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