Oct 4, 2019

Our family vacation to Isle of Palms & Charleston, South Carolina

Every year we love to find new places that we can go to as a family to refresh, relax and enjoy some time making new memories together as a family. This was was our last trip as a family of three before baby June arrived. This year we went to Isle of Palms, South Carolina and then drove into Charleston a couple of times. It was amazing! I would highly recommend this area for a family vacation. This is also a place we could see our family coming back to year after year. It was that good! Usually we love an area that we visit but tend to want to try something new next time. But this was so good! We went down in the off season (end of April/beginning of May) and we had the beach and pool all to ourselves. The weather was so hot we could go back and forth from the pool to the beach all day. The key to travelling with kids is to find a good location by the beach so you can easily walk out to it without having to always get in the car. Also, when you need some quiet time or kids go to bed then you can still sit out on the porch and enjoy hearing and seeing the waves crashing and not feel like you are missing out! I love traveling with my family. The memories we create on these trips are some of my biggest highlights in my life. I know it can be hassle or be too busy with kids that you come back feeling like you need a vacation again. But being able to show our kids this beautiful world we live in is so worth it. The impact it makes on them even at such a young age is powerful. They will remember the fun you had together! When Olivia plays she always refers to the beach house with her dolls and packs her bags because she is going on trips. She absolutely loves it! It’s so wonderful to see her excitement for going places together starting so young!

Here is a little preview into our family vacation this year! I hope you enjoy and if you ever get a chance to visit South Carolina, you totally should!

Wandering the streets in Charleston.

When vacationing with kids you definitely have to have a mix of things to do that are for you and for them. Olivia is so good at sightseeing with us and doing what we want to do but then we always make sure to do things she loves too! Playgrounds are a must!

The view in the morning from our porch!

I have always dreamed of visiting this gorgeous lane way at the Boone Hall Plantation. It was just stunning!! Definitely another spot I recommend visiting for the gorgeous view.

When you travel with your children you are giving them something that can never be taken away… experience, exposure, and a way of life.

-Pamela T. Chandler
We found a little cafe in Charleston that sold poffertjes!!! So yummy!



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