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Hamilton Newborn Photographer | In home session with Baby Lola | Karina Anne Photography

I love when I get to see my couples over and over again especially after they welcome a new baby. Nell and Anothony are one of my favourite couples I have ever got to work with. They are so kind, fun and super creative! I was thrilled to be able to photograph their engagement, wedding day and now most recently their newborn photos at their home in Hamilton. The welcomed a baby girl named Lola. How adorable is her name? You just know she is going to be such a happy and carefree girl with that name!! Here is a look into their in home newborn session as well as a little interview with her the mom, Nell. Enjoy!

How do you do self care now since becoming a mom?  

For me, I need to be productive to feel good.  I have been setting myself small goals, even just simple tasks to accomplish in the day / week.  I also love to multitask, so I am often running errands while getting an hour long walk in.  I’ve also been taking some time to feel like my old  self, to go visit a girlfriend or out to a movie.  It is helping me feel “normal”.  I never want to loose sight of who I am, and what I am passionate about.  Carving out time away from our little lady is good for her, and good for me too.

How do you balance motherhood, work and relationships?

I am not back to work just yet… so I will find that out once I get going.  (I’m sure I could use some advise, since I will be working from home / taking care of the baby) I am learning just how important balancing parenthood/ marriage.  I am a HUGE believer in date nights!  Having some quality time to ourselves is so important for maintaining our relationship.  The last few years, instead of buying each other Christmas gifts, Anthony and I each plan 6 dates (1/month for the year).  And we love that so much.  There is always something to look forward to, and we take the time to put some thought into each date.  So we have been keeping up this tradition and it is the best thing for us!

Do you have any traditions you hope to do with your kids?

Yes!  Pretty much as soon as we found out I was pregnant, my husband wanted to start a new tradition of pizza Friday.  I am so lucky to have a guy that loves to cook, so Anthony set out to master pizza dough and try out fun new recipes.  He is so excited to cook for our kid(s).  And who doesn’t love pizza!?What I would like to put into practice is gratitude.  I grew up in a religious home where we would pray before dinner.  Anthony and I aren’t specifically religious, but I have always loved the idea of taking a moment to be thankful for what we have.  So we want to start the tradition, before dinner time, each person says 3 things they are grateful for that day.  I am a big believer in having an attitude of gratitude, and I think this will help our kid(s) learn this behaviour.  

Best advice you ever received?

Well… if you’ve ever been pregnant or had a baby… you will hear endless advise.  Like… endless.  And being a new mom, I needed it.  But it can sometimes be overwhelming or even conflicting.  So the best advise I’ve heard is to take everyone’s advise, then do what works best for you.  Everyone’s experiences are so different, and not everything works for each person.  So try things out, but don’t beat yourself up if it’s just not working for you. 

What’s been the biggest surprise about motherhood?

I’ve been a mom for just a couple of months, so I am sure there will be a lot more surprises to come!  But I would have to say, the love I experienced for our daughter was crazy overwhelming.  I thought I knew what love was before having a baby, but this is a whole new level.

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